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Sage Smudge

Sage Smudge

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Burning sage in its many varieties has been used since ancient times for spiritual and cleansing rituals.  The antimicrobial/antibacterial healing properties of sage remove bacteria from the air, dispel negative energy and improve mood by reducing stress.

Burning sage smudges can be used to cleanse a space, yourself or specific objects.

Light the end of the bundle for several seconds, then blow it out so that it continues to smoke. If it stops emitting smoke, light it again. Walk the spaces you wish to purify to let the smoke enter or let it rest on a tray, bowl or shell to catch the ashes.

Our sage smudges are ethically and lovingly sourced from a woman-owned sage sanctuary in Southern California. 

“One must understand that it’s the user’s intention that brings power to the smudging actions. This means being present with the smudging process as it’s happening and being grateful to the plant for allowing us to use their body to heal us and our space.” - Janell Hickman

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