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Better Butters: Goat's Milk Soap

Better Butters: Goat's Milk Soap

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These soaps are more than just a pretty sight, they are designed to target specific skin needs while adding moisture. 

Produced by Better Butters and Things (Fredericksburg, VA)- Woman Owned Business

Soap Options:

Turmeric Lemon Bar: All the anti-inflammatory, skin-tone evening  benefits of Turmeric within a goat's milk soap base.  Lemon essential oils add antifungal and anti-aging properties. Safe for face and body daily use, to give your skin a healthy glow.

Green Tea Aloe Bar: Green Tea is packed with antioxidants, improves skin texture, and delays signs of ageing and repairing sun damaged skin.  Blended with Aloe Vera extract that had been shown to accelerates skin repair, treat sunburn, calms skin irritation. 

Eczema Bar:  Pure neem oil, roman chamomile and lavender essential oils added to the signature goat's milk base create a calming and moisturizing effect. This soap works even better when paired with the Eczema Blend Body Butter. 

Peppermint Charcoal: The invigorating sensation of peppermint leaves and oil mixed with activated charcoal and tea tree oil, all incorporated in the goat's milk base to kill bacteria that can lead to acne and blemishes. 

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