The Candle Maker

Hey everyone, my name is Raye!
I grew up in the days of Partylite parties, sniffing votives, judging sconces and slangin’ my moms catalog. So, it’s pretty on brand that I’d grow to create a candle company that is a reflection of who I am. Plus, I’m an Aries so it’s only right to play with a lil’ fire. *wink*

Lil’ Lights Candle Co. was a created from a treacherous    girls night project (that almost burnt our apartments down) to an obsession with scents, mixtures and waxes. I didn’t stop until I got it right, creating from what I could, the cleanest candle that smelled good and was safe to burn around my baby girl, Nova.

With her by my side every step of the way, we are happy to fill your spaces with eco-friendly, toxin free, soy candles. Every order is made with love and every sale supports my dream of working with my daughter to light a path in our community.

Est. 2020